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The mattress pads fail to meet the mandatory federal flammability standard for mattresses and mattress pads. Sleep Like The Dead receives NO COMPENSATION in any form from any company, organization or individual to affect in any way or degree the content or findings of our mattress bed research. No more struggling to carry and squeeze a heavy, oversized mattress up stairwells and through doorways. We have mattresses to fit every budget – from basic mattresses to mattresses made with high quality natural materials. From coils to memory foam to latex – each material is different, and will give every mattress a different feel and comfort. You should select a mattress that allows sufficient freedom of movement while you sleep. The Hampton and Rhodes Aruba Gel Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress features Gel Memory Foam.

Unlike a mattress salesman in a store, I don’t just get paid commission from one brand or one retailer; I’m an affiliate for many different companies, so I can help find you great deals no matter where they are. That website is a bit weird, because it’s saying that memory foam isn’t good for kids, while at the same time trying to sell a memory foam mattress for kids. Individual wrapped coils in the top portion of the mattress are the most advanced coil system in the luxury mattress market. These mattresses provide a firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout the mattress.

Innerspring mattresses feature various foams and fibers on top to provide comfort at the surface. COMFORT – You don’t want the mattress to cause pressure to your body, which causes tossing and turning, which means you wake up tired. Most mattresses last anywhere from 5 to 10 years old, but the average lifespan of a mattress will vary widely depending on the brand, mattress type and material. A waterbed is a mattress with water in its interior instead of metal coils or air. If you notice significant signs of wear, like sagging in certain areas, lumps in others, or if the mattress is physically starting to come apart, then it’s definitely time for a new mattress.

We’ve shown a mattress to give you an idea of what your bed will look like, but your mattress may be thinner or thicker than the one shown. No, a thin strip of latex deep down in the mattress in the center third is not a big exclusive, especially if they’re charging you a lot more for it. The best way to ensure that is by investing in a durable, long-lasting, and super plush bed mattress. Eve’s high density foam base provides a firm foundation that works in harmony with the layers above.

The Sealy Oak Glen Firm mattress features a 5” foam core, making it a great fit for bunk and trundle beds. Use it to help keep stains and spills away from your mattress to help give your mattress a long life. We love our top of the line mattress from IKEA that is in our guest room and I’ve considered buying one for our room because they have a 90 day return policy but husband is worried about quality for every night use. Pros: Most salespeople will be well-trained and knowledgeable about mattresses and sleep.


— June 8, 2016